My Tag Offers

I have an online tagging group where I send tag offers to members who can then request them. Nothing new about that right, lol. Well I got a question for you other taggers out there. What do you do if some of those members in your group never shared anything in your other groups. You know the groups where EVERYONE is supposed to share? If they refuse to share in your other groups WHY should you make them tags in another one?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately and I don’t know what I want to do about that yet. I mean do I stop making them tags, remove them from all my groups, or WHAT? That’s a tricky one isn’t it?

The funny thing is at the moment I don’t even feel like sending tag offers through my tagging group. I guess it has to do with the fact that I recently had to close one of my sharing groups because the members in there never wanted to share OR they were causing problems. Mind you, some of the SAME members who are in my tagging group were in the group I closed too. And I’m pretty sure SOME of those members are what made me end up closing my sharing group to begin with.

Hmm, I don’t know about. I will have to think on that one for awhile. Or, maybe I will just close that group too. I mean who wants to make tags for a bunch of people who don’t even care enough to share in your other groups?


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No one reads anymore

I know that because I send group rules through my online groups and even have them at the bottom of each email that is sent and STILL members of my group DO NOT read them.

I listen to OTHER group owners complain about this problem in their own groups too. I WAS in an online sharing group and received a message from the owner (it was sent through the group so all could read it) about how she was fed up with trying to be nice to all her members and how NONE of them wanted to share. I understood completely where she was coming from so I decided to reply to that email and let her know I felt exactly the same way and even described the stuff MY members would do like share the stuff I shared in other groups but wouldn’t share in mine. And I get this reply back from her:

its funny how u say this and its funny how ppl complaining they can not send til Saturday guess what u fools knew this when you signed up i am not changing my rules

So, I’m reading this reply back I got and thinking to myself. WTH? So, I decided the best thing to do was to un-subcribe from her group because if trying to be nice to someone gets me this kind of reply then I don’t know what to say to people anymore, lol.

And the funny thing is, is that I had just sent some stuff through her group right before I replied to that email she sent. So I WAS sharing in her group  and I am a bit confused as to WHY someone would send a reply like that to someone who just shared some stuff.

Anyway, I’m not going to let that worry me. Lord knows I have enough problems in my OWN groups so I don’t need to listen to anyone else’s at the moment, lol.

I hope you all stay safe, healthy and happy. Hugs,

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PSP World is Gone!

My PSP World group has been shut down. I got tired of listening to members complain about stuff on a regular basis and there were some trouble makers in the group so I decided to just shut it down. Life is too short to have to deal with such bs these days. So, now I only have the Tag Extras group, the PSP Creative World  group, the Taggers World group and my Penny Dreadful group.

That’s still enough groups to keep me busy for awhile, lol. And I had thought about shutting down my Penny Dreadful group the other day because I didn’t think anyone would be interested in joining a goth themed group and then boom, a new member joined and I was like, okay. I guess I got my answer about shutting it down, lol.

So, I haven’t had a lot of time to make any tags this week because of all the stuff I’ve had to deal with in my groups. But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about it, lol. There’s this tag I made a few years ago and every time I look at that tag, I cringe because it’s one of the worse tags I’ve ever made.

Come on girls, you know what I’m talking about, lol. I know there’s that one tag in your folder of tags you’ve made that sticks out like a sore thumb and every time you see it you’re like, “What was I thinking?” lol. Yeah, we’ve ALL been there.

Well, in my PSP Creative World group we started a new thing. It’s called “What Do You Think About” and then we send along that awful tag we made with the email. We get some feedback from the other taggers in the group about how we could fix that tag or if they think we should just start over.

Well, we all had a good look at my awful tag the other day and the results are in, lol. Yup, it’s a real stinker and it calls for a re-do on that one. So, I figured I’d open my good old psp graphic program and sit down this weekend and work on that ugly tag I made.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hugs,

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About My Groups

A few weeks ago I made the decision to cut back on my groups and merge all of them together into 1 big group. Well a lot of members had plenty to say about that idea, so I had to change things around to keep the peace with everyone. You never really KNOW people until you open an online group and get to know them. I love all my members but I have to tell you, there is NO WAY you can keep everyone happy in a big group like that, all the time.

So, I had to re-open some groups I closed and now, as it stands, I have 1 more group that I didn’t have to begin with. Not altogether sure HOW that happened but oh well. Just so long as everyone is at peace with each other, I can live with that for the time being, lol.

So, I created a new group just for creators to do challenges each week. We also share tutorials and once a month we have what you would call a “Critique” of each others work, lol. We share stuff we’ve made with the group and then we tell the other members what we like and don’t like about the things we created. It all sounds a little strange I’m sure but a little critique never hurt anyone right?

And I for one wouldn’t mind getting some good solid feedback about the stuff I make everyday from the people who do the same thing as I do, lol. Anyway, if you like to create tags, email stationery, desktop wallpapers, etc.. you know, stuff like THAT, then please join us in the new group. You can find it HERE.

thanks and hugs,

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A New Group!

Made a few changes to my psp group yesterday. From now on we will no longer share tag extras in that group. I want my psp group to be for creators ONLY and the stuff they share I want us to be able to use to make stuff. You know stuff like tag extras, email stationery, desktop wallpapers, etc… And since tag extras are already “created” there is no reason for us to share them in the psp group any longer.

So since there are a lot of members who enjoy the tag extras I decided to create a group where we can share those, ONLY those. In the tag extras group that’s ALL we share, lol. So, that should make it pretty easy to remember what we share in that group, lol.

Here’s the link if anyone is interested in joining:!forum/tag-extras


thanks and hugs,
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New tags and group updates

Well, I have some new tags I wanted to share with you and I also wanted to let you know about the update to my psp group too. The group has been open to all members on the weekend for sharing and we’re also having challenges and a MOTW each weekend too. The members of the group seem to love all the challenges and it serves a purpose too. It helps members become better taggers. You know what they say about practice makes perfect? Well the more they practice the better the tags they’ll make. Anyway, it works something like that, lol.

Now, it’s funny that sometimes when you make tags, you run into a problem with what font to use. Well, maybe not everyone has that problem, lol. Maybe it’s just me in general, lol. But I was making a tag a few days ago and it didn’t matter what font I used and what colors I chose it just did not work for that tag. It was the craziest thing really and it has happened to me before but not to the point where NOTHING would work.

So, I had all this creativity and was making tags left and right and then I started on this one particular tag and then all the problems started. And although I did finally get the tag finished, I must say, it turned out much better than I had originally thought it would.

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Closed my other sites

I closed my other sites down for good. and have both been closed permanently. I can’t keep paying on web hosting for sites that nobody seems interested in seeing these days. Although the reason why I closed my scrapbook freebies web site wasn’t because of that, it was because I got tired of uploading stuff for people to download and people couldn’t leave me a comment. Pretty sad when you think about it. All they had to do was leave a comment and they could download all the freebies from my site that they wanted but I guess they didn’t think it was worth the effort. And since they felt that way I felt like it wasn’t worth my effort anymore by keeping it open, lol. Funny how that worked out isn’t it?

On another note, I decided to open a scrapbook group where I can share my scrapbook stuff with creators. You know, people who like to create graphics using scrapbook stuff? Well, the main reason why I started making scrapbook stuff in the first place was so I could use them in making my signature tags. Then after awhile, other people liked them so much that I decided to sell some of them and then before you know it, I was making way too much scrapbook stuff and started giving some of it away for free and that’s why I created the web site

The new scrapbook group is open to invites ONLY and only for those online friends of mine who are in my groups already. I might send some invites to others but they would have to give me a pretty good reason WHY they want one, lol.

Anyway, that’s why my web sites are no longer online. Now, here are a few updates about my online groups:

In my tagging group it’s open only for taggers to send tag offers. And in my psp (Paint Shop Pro) group it’s open during the week where only the group owner (that’s me, lol) and the moderators will be the only ones who share. However, on the weekends we will open it so members can participate in tag challenges and share stuff if they want to.

So that’s it for today.

Thanks for stopping by and hugs,

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Do you remember the good old days?

Do you remember the good old days when your favorite computer software was Windows XP and the best free email program was Outlook Express? Yup, so do I, lol. Reminiscing about these things, got me thinking about all the email stationery I used to make for Outlook Express. So, a couple of days ago I opened up Paint Shop Pro and decided to create some new email stationery.

These days I’m using Mozilla Thunderbird email instead of Outlook Express. It’s not that I like Thunderbird better than Outlook Express but since Microsoft stopped updating Outlook Express it’s so outdated now that it won’t even work on Windows 10. Too bad, I really loved that email program because it made it really easy to create new email stationery. After moving to Thunderbird from Outlook Express I had to write out (by hand) each html email stationery using notepad. It’s a little harder to do it that way but since there are no other programs available to create email stationery I pretty much have to do it that way. Whether I like it or not.

So, I know that I like email stationery but I’m not altogether sure how much everyone else likes it. So, I tell you what. Leave me a comment and I will see about sharing some here for everyone to enjoy. If I don’t receive any comments about it, I will just continue to use the email stationery for my own personal use instead of sharing it.

Thanks and hugs,

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About My Groups

I have 2 online groups; Taggers World and Paint Shop Pro World. Taggers World is my tagging group where taggers offer tags to members. Members of the group can request these tags when they are offered.

My Paint Shop Pro World group is for collecting all the supplies needed for making tags. We share png tubes, psp tubes, cluster frames, fonts and other graphics that can be used in our tag making. We also share sets of tag extras too.

Once a week we offer a MOTW and also weekly tag challenges. The tag challenges that are offered are especially helpful for new taggers who are starting out. And even if your an experienced tagger some of the tag challenges are also fun to do and you know, a little practice never hurt anyone either, lol.

thanks and hugs,

Working on new tags

I have been really busy working on some new tags the past day or so and let me tell you, it feels really good to be back creating after my long run with the flu bug. I thought I would never get over that nasty flu bug and am still coughing up a lot but at least I can finally breathe again and that in itself is a “GOOD” thing, lol.

It’s funny, I never know how many psp tubes I have until I start looking to make a new tag and then I become overwhelmed with the choices I have, lol. Most of the time I will just grab a tube from one of my many tube folders and not put too much thought into using the tube. Then there are those other times when I start making a tag and I need a specific tube to use. That’s when I crack open my vault of PTU tubes that I’ve purchased over the past years and dust off those little treasures to create something brand new with them.

Anyway, here are a few of the new tags I’ve been working on recently and these will be offered for request in my tagging group very soon. If you love collecting signature tags you should really consider joining my tagging group located HERE.