Closing this site and some others I own

I have decided to shut down this site and also some others that I own. It costs way too much to keep these sites going and I would rather spend my money on other things these days like groceries. I thought that when I added a “support this site” button on my site that I would (at least) have 1 visitor to my site who would help out so I can keep this site online.

So, instead of trying to keep this site online anymore, (along with some of my other sites; and I have decided to shut them down permanently. One reason why I decided to shut down my site is because after paying for web hosting for that domain, that site seems to be down most of the time. Not sure why that keeps happening but I can’t see why I should keep paying for something that doesn’t work. I sent another support ticket to my web host about it this morning, and hopefully sometime today the site will be back online and running again. hopefully.

At the end of this month I will be closing all 3 sites down so if there is anything on those sites you wish to get, please do so before those sites are gone for good. This will be my last time to post to this site and you won’t hear anymore from me about it. When the end of the month is up my sites will go down forever. I want to thank the 1 customer I had for my scrapbook shop who did buy out my store (thanks sweetie) and all the other visitors who visited my other sites too. I only wished you would have left some comments and let me know you liked my freebies. You never did, but that’s alright.

I guess everyone is just too busy these days to leave comments anymore. I can’t help but feel sorry for all those people who live there lives in such a way. It must be very tiring to always be on the go and when you cannot even stop for a second to say thanks or leave a nice comment it just makes my heart hurt knowing that you are too busy to take the time to do so. It’s a very sad world we live in when no one cares about other people anymore. Maybe it’s true what they say; we are all turning into machines. Well, some of us are and some of us aren’t. I’m happy to be one of those who “aren’t”.

thanks and hugs,

Work Hard

Everyone needs a time to play after a hard weeks of work and I think this tag expresses that feeling pretty well. I can’t help but laugh at the girl in the tag with the band-aide on her nose. It makes you wonder how on earth she got a boo boo there, lol. Anyway, you know the drill. The link to download this set is located below my preview. thanks and hugs,

Work Hard (12 downloads)

Christmas Candy

Who doesn’t like a little sweet stuff at Christmas time? I remember when I was little we would get stockings full of candy, nuts and fruit each year at Christmas. I loved eating all the little bits of candy even though most of it was the hard candy and it was hard to chew with baby teeth, lol.

You can download this set of extras by clicking on the link below my preview. thanks and hugs,

Christmas Candy (11 downloads)

A New Project

Life has a funny way of sending you in this way or that way depending upon what is going on in your life at the moment. A couple of years ago my hubby was feeling poorly so I kept insisting that he go see the doctor which he finally did and when he was in the doctors office he started having chest pains so they told him he needed to go to the hospital. It was a few blocks away so he got in his truck and went over there. He was still having the pains but he said they were more like a heavy feeling on his chest so that’s why he decided to drive himself over there.

Well, when he got to the hospital they checked his vitals and told him that he was having a heart attack. So he told them it didn’t feel like he was having a heart attack, just a heavy feeling on his chest. So they went on to tell him that that is how the heart attack begins and if you don’t do something about it soon it will become much worse. He made the right decision about going to the hospital and he was taken to another hospital that was an hour away where they could admit him to run tests and stuff.

So, he had to have 2 stints put in 2 years ago and they made him take all these pills to help clear the blockages in his heart. Well after a year he was still having the same issues so when he went back to the doctor they ballooned one of the veins in his neck. So now, 2 years later he was STILL having the same issues and nothing was getting better so he had open heart surgery. They unclogged the artery in the left side of his heart but he had 2 replaced in his right side. They took veins from his arm and leg for those and said he would be feeling better very soon after the operation. The surgery was a month ago and he is finally doing better. He has no more pain and can finally have somewhat of a normal life again other than having to wait until he can do all the things he wants after his recovery time is over. They said it would take 3 months to heal properly after the surgery.

And during this time he could not go back to work so he has not been back to work since the surgery a month ago. Now, because we live payday to payday and he is the only one bringing any income in to household, I have decided to open a little junk journal supplies shop where I will be trying to sell junk journal supplies to help with living expenses until hubby can go back to work. Family has been helping us out with our bills until he goes back to work, but groceries are hard to come by these days mainly because it’s more costly to shop for someone who has to eat low sodium, low fat meals from now on. I had no idea it was so expensive to eat healthy but I am finding out that it is much more expensive than I originally thought.

Anyway, my junk journal shop is brand new and I will be adding some new stuff to it very soon like digitals that can be printed out and some products that I made myself using bits and pieces of lace, buttons, charms, fabric, old book pages, junk mail and other recycled material. You can find my new shop HERE and just so you know, the stuff I make for junk journals can also be used in traditional scrapbooking projects also. Just thought you might want to know that, lol.. Also, if you don’t know about junk journals or what they are, here is a short description:

“Junk journals are journals that are created using mostly junk mail that you receive in your (postal) mail box at your home. The junk mail is then covered with lace, scrapbook paper, ribbon, charms, and other embellishments to use in junk journals or traditional scrapbooking projects.”

For example; I save a lot of cardboard packaging from boxed foods like pasta, cake mixes, etc…and I use those to make tags because they are sturdy enough and can be written on the back too for junk journals.