Hi, I’m PL but all my online friends know me as “Mod Girl”. I am known more so for my tagging abilities than anything else. This site will be dedicated to my love of signature tags and showing off some of the new tags I’ve been working on. These new tags will make way into my tagging group where members can request one of these tags with their name on them.

If you’re not familiar with signature tags and/or don’t have any idea what they are used for, well,  there are 2 types of signature tags.

Personalized signature tags and tag extras.

A personalized signature tag is an image that is added to the end of an email as a way of signing it so you don’t have to write out your name each time. Tag extras are sets of tags that have words added to them. Words like; “A Note”, “Thank You”, “Welcome”, etc… These types of tags are very popular in online groups and are used as a quick way to express a feeling or thought.

Collecting signature tags is very important to some people and they join tagging groups for the express reason of collecting these type of tags.

If you’d like to collect your own signature tags you can join my tagging group located HERE.