Hi. I’m PL but all my online friends know me as “Mod Girl”. I create signature tags as a hobby. You may ask; “What exactly is a signature tag?” Well, those are images usually made using psp (PaintShop Pro) tubes and later someone’s name is added to them. These tags are used as a way of ending an email message. That’s why they have a name added to them so you can end the email with a graphic instead of writing out your name.

Some signature tags also have words added to them like; A Note, Thank You, Please, You’re Welcome, etc… These type of signature tags are called; “Extra’s” and sometimes called “Comp Sets” and are mainly used to correspond with members in an online group like Google Groups and/or Yahoo Groups.

I have been making signature tags for a really long time and enjoy it very much. People who make tags (like I do) are known as; “Taggers” and there are a lot of people who collect these tags with a passion. They will also collect the Extras whenever they can find them.

Since I make tags, I seldom ever collect any tags myself but I do enjoy tags that are made for me and will save all of them for I feel they are little treasures because I know the work that is put into making them.

At this site you’ll be able to see any new tags I’ve been working on and where you can collect any of my tags if you want them.

Anyway, I hope you like my site and will come back and visit again and please leave me a comment every now and then so I know someone enjoy’s my tags. That would really make my day to get some feedback.

thanks and hugs,