Closed my other sites

I closed my other sites down for good. and have both been closed permanently. I can’t keep paying on web hosting for sites that nobody seems interested in seeing these days. Although the reason why I closed my scrapbook freebies web site wasn’t because of that, it was because I got tired of uploading stuff for people to download and people couldn’t leave me a comment. Pretty sad when you think about it. All they had to do was leave a comment and they could download all the freebies from my site that they wanted but I guess they didn’t think it was worth the effort. And since they felt that way I felt like it wasn’t worth my effort anymore by keeping it open, lol. Funny how that worked out isn’t it?

On another note, I decided to open a scrapbook group where I can share my scrapbook stuff with creators. You know, people who like to create graphics using scrapbook stuff? Well, the main reason why I started making scrapbook stuff in the first place was so I could use them in making my signature tags. Then after awhile, other people liked them so much that I decided to sell some of them and then before you know it, I was making way too much scrapbook stuff and started giving some of it away for free and that’s why I created the web site

The new scrapbook group is open to invites ONLY and only for those online friends of mine who are in my groups already. I might send some invites to others but they would have to give me a pretty good reason WHY they want one, lol.

Anyway, that’s why my web sites are no longer online. Now, here are a few updates about my online groups:

In my tagging group it’s open only for taggers to send tag offers. And in my psp (Paint Shop Pro) group it’s open during the week where only the group owner (that’s me, lol) and the moderators will be the only ones who share. However, on the weekends we will open it so members can participate in tag challenges and share stuff if they want to.

So that’s it for today.

Thanks for stopping by and hugs,

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Do you remember the good old days?

Do you remember the good old days when your favorite computer software was Windows XP and the best free email program was Outlook Express? Yup, so do I, lol. Reminiscing about these things, got me thinking about all the email stationery I used to make for Outlook Express. So, a couple of days ago I opened up Paint Shop Pro and decided to create some new email stationery.

These days I’m using Mozilla Thunderbird email instead of Outlook Express. It’s not that I like Thunderbird better than Outlook Express but since Microsoft stopped updating Outlook Express it’s so outdated now that it won’t even work on Windows 10. Too bad, I really loved that email program because it made it really easy to create new email stationery. After moving to Thunderbird from Outlook Express I had to write out (by hand) each html email stationery using notepad. It’s a little harder to do it that way but since there are no other programs available to create email stationery I pretty much have to do it that way. Whether I like it or not.

So, I know that I like email stationery but I’m not altogether sure how much everyone else likes it. So, I tell you what. Leave me a comment and I will see about sharing some here for everyone to enjoy. If I don’t receive any comments about it, I will just continue to use the email stationery for my own personal use instead of sharing it.

Thanks and hugs,

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