New tags and group updates

Well, I have some new tags I wanted to share with you and I also wanted to let you know about the update to my psp group too. The group has been open to all members on the weekend for sharing and we’re also having challenges and a MOTW each weekend too. The members of the group seem to love all the challenges and it serves a purpose too. It helps members become better taggers. You know what they say about practice makes perfect? Well the more they practice the better the tags they’ll make. Anyway, it works something like that, lol.

Now, it’s funny that sometimes when you make tags, you run into a problem with what font to use. Well, maybe not everyone has that problem, lol. Maybe it’s just me in general, lol. But I was making a tag a few days ago and it didn’t matter what font I used and what colors I chose it just did not work for that tag. It was the craziest thing really and it has happened to me before but not to the point where NOTHING would work.

So, I had all this creativity and was making tags left and right and then I started on this one particular tag and then all the problems started. And although I did finally get the tag finished, I must say, it turned out much better than I had originally thought it would.

So, here’s the tag in question:

Vintage Violet tag by Mod Girl

And here’s some other new tags I made:

Little Irish tag by Mod Girl

Breathless Autumn tag by Mod Girl


Honey Bee tag by Mod Girl

So anyway, all these tags will be offered up for request in my tagging group very soon. If you enjoy collecting tags with your name on them, you should consider joining my tagging group located HERE.