Do you remember the good old days?

Do you remember the good old days when your favorite computer software was Windows XP and the best free email program was Outlook Express? Yup, so do I, lol. Reminiscing about these things, got me thinking about all the email stationery I used to make for Outlook Express. So, a couple of days ago I opened up Paint Shop Pro and decided to create some new email stationery.

These days I’m using Mozilla Thunderbird email instead of Outlook Express. It’s not that I like Thunderbird better than Outlook Express but since Microsoft stopped updating Outlook Express it’s so outdated now that it won’t even work on Windows 10. Too bad, I really loved that email program because it made it really easy to create new email stationery. After moving to Thunderbird from Outlook Express I had to write out (by hand) each html email stationery using notepad. It’s a little harder to do it that way but since there are no other programs available to create email stationery I pretty much have to do it that way. Whether I like it or not.

So, I know that I like email stationery but I’m not altogether sure how much everyone else likes it. So, I tell you what. Leave me a comment and I will see about sharing some here for everyone to enjoy. If I don’t receive any comments about it, I will just continue to use the email stationery for my own personal use instead of sharing it.

Thanks and hugs,

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