A New Group!

I decided to reopen my old group at google groups called “Tag Extras”. That group is for sharing tag extra sets and blank tags and all members are required to share once a week. Oh, and that group is also where I will be sharing all my tag extras from now on as well. So, if you liked snagging any of my tag extra sets from this site you’ll still be able to collect those but you’ll need to join my group in order to do that from now on.

Here’s the link to my group if you’d like to join it. Some people have had some issues visiting the group and trying to join and I’m not sure why that is unless it’s because it’s a new group and google hasn’t set it up properly just yet. So, if you really want to join, just send me a quick email and I will send you an invite to that group and you can join it that way. Use my email address below to let me know about that. Thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.

Tag Extras – https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/tagextras

If you want me to send you an invite (to the group) let me know by sending me an email here: