About My Groups

A few weeks ago I made the decision to cut back on my groups and merge all of them together into 1 big group. Well a lot of members had plenty to say about that idea, so I had to change things around to keep the peace with everyone. You never really KNOW people until you open an online group and get to know them. I love all my members but I have to tell you, there is NO WAY you can keep everyone happy in a big group like that, all the time.

So, I had to re-open some groups I closed and now, as it stands, I have 1 more group that I didn’t have to begin with. Not altogether sure HOW that happened but oh well. Just so long as everyone is at peace with each other, I can live with that for the time being, lol.

So, I created a new group just for creators to do challenges each week. We also share tutorials and once a month we have what you would call a “Critique” of each others work, lol. We share stuff we’ve made with the group and then we tell the other members what we like and don’t like about the things we created. It all sounds a little strange I’m sure but a little critique never hurt anyone right?

And I for one wouldn’t mind getting some good solid feedback about the stuff I make everyday from the people who do the same thing as I do, lol. Anyway, if you like to create tags, email stationery, desktop wallpapers, etc.. you know, stuff like THAT, then please join us in the new group. You can find it HERE.

thanks and hugs,

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