Each tag I make, I make by hand. I don’t use any psp scripts to create hundreds of tags in one shot. I do it the old fashion way, one tag at a time. I also don’t do “tag tutorials” because I don’t want my tags to look like everyone else’s. I want my tags to be unique and special for those who request them.

I have a few rules for using my tags and/or requesting them:

Do NOT alter my tags:

#1. Do NOT resize my tags. The credit I’ve added to each of my tags MUST be legible at ALL times!
#2. Do NOT add anything to  my tags. That includes sparkles and other images (animated or not)!
#3. Do NOT remove anything from my tags. That includes cropping out parts of the image itself!

Follow my rules whenever possible:

#1. When requesting a tag from me, please FOLLOW the rules for requesting!
#2. Please Do NOT request more tags than what are offered!
#3. Sometimes the font used in the tag will need to be resized for longer names. Please Do NOT complain about that because it cannot be helped.
#4. Saying “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU” is considered good manners. I don’t expect you to thank me for every single tag I make for you, BUT, a simple “THANK YOU” every now and then would be appreciated!

My PSP/Tagging Group:

I have a psp/tagging group located at google groups and I sometimes offer my tags for request in that group too. You are more than welcome to join that group if you like. Please know however that the group is open to participating members ONLY. Which means you must share at least once a week to remain a member. You can find my group HERE.

About My Always List:

Yes, in the past I have had an always list group. In fact until recently I had a group where I would make tags (ahead of time) for all members of the group and then send them out in batches to the entire group so the members could grab them. Unfortunately, that group has been closed. There are several reasons why I decided to close the group. First reason is because members would leave without telling me they were leaving or they would forget to send me an email and let me know that they left the group. The second reason is because I sent tags through the group (several times) and never received a “THANK YOU” from anyone.

You might think these are silly reasons for closing a group but look at it from my point of view, if you will. For the past few months I was making tags on a regular basis. Sometimes sending out tags EVERY DAY to the members and sometimes even twice in one day. I made all these tags ahead of time and if I had known that those members had left, it would have saved me a considerable amount of time from not having to make those extra tags.

I’d also like to mention something about manners. When I was growing up we always had to say “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU”. I don’t see that a lot lately. I don’t know what is happening with people today but they are lacking in respect for others. Maybe it has to do with the Internet and because people don’t see other people “face to face”. But being disrespectful on-line is no different than standing in front of the person you’re disrespecting, in my opinion. It can still be harmful to the other person no matter if you’re doing it on a computer or not.