Friday, April 17, 2020

Paint Shop Pro group

I created a new group for sharing supplies needed to make tags. We'll be sharing tubes, brushes, gradients, masks, patterns & textures, frames, cluster frames, fonts and much more. The only things we won't be sharing are scrap kits, email stationery and PTU artwork.

The group link has been added to my sidebar and the name of the new group is called; Paint Shop Pro. I figured since there were so many of us that use that graphic program, we really needed a group where we could share those things we use everyday.

Besides creating the new group I have also been making some new tags using all the wonderful tubes I purchased over the last few weeks. Apparently, I can never have enough tubes to use when making tags. So, when I see a sale going on somewhere, you can bet if I have the funds, I will be there with bells on buying as many tubes as I possibly can, lol.

Below are a few of the new tags I made:

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