Showing off some new tags

So, my internet and phone went down for almost an entire week. Yesterday I got it back on and you can read all about the ordeal HERE if you want, lol.

Anyway, the whole time I was without internet I played in my psp program and started making lots of new tags. Below are a few previews and I will be offering them up for request inside my tag forum located HERE in the next few days. thanks for stopping by and hugs,


Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! If you’re new to this site, it’s where I will update you about what is going on with all my other websites.

All my tag offers have been moved over to my forum at Besides my tag offers you also find lot’s of downloads for forum members like; png tubes, cluster frames, tag extras, desktop wallpapers, jpg masks, blank tags, tag templates, tag backs, tags with names already on them, tagger sized scrap kits and misc downloads like seamless background tiles and word art. And besides all the downloads for forum members, you also find tag challenges, tag tutorials, MOTW activity, tag games, and much more.

My website is where you’ll find my sets of tag extras. And I have decided to add all the tag extras I’ve ever made to that website minus a couple of themed typed tags like adult and goth which some people might find offensive. THOSE type of tag extras can be found in my forum from now on.

My website is where I share all the scrapbook freebies that I’ve made over the years. The types of scrapbook freebies you’ll find there are; tagger sized scrap kits, digital sized scrap kits and commercial use freebies.

And, when I’m not tagging and making scrapbook freebies I also enjoy making psp tubes. You’ll find a lot of my psp tubes at my website.

thanks again for stopping by and hugs,