Having Fun! How About You?

So, remember when I told you about the paid membership I have from CreativeFabrica.com? Well, they have this tool that members can use to make there own graphics and I have to tell you, it is so addictive! The past week I’ve been having so much fun making images it’s crazy, lol.

Now, the images I keep making all seem to be the same type because when I was making them I kept thinking to myself; “Would I use this image in my tag making?” That’s the main reason why I got the paid subscription in the first place. To use any images I downloaded (or made) for creating tags.

So, I have created a couple of tags using the images I created. They are fairies (which I love, lol) and I really like how they turned out. The tool to make the images isn’t all that easy to use to get the image just the way you want it to look . But after getting used to using the tools for awhile, I am very pleased by all the ones I’ve been making lately.

Here are the 2 tags I made using those 2 fairies I created and please let me know what you think about them. I might sell some of the images I create here at my site. Yes, when you create your own images with that tool you can do whatever you want with the images you make. Nice huh? Lol.

Anyway, here’s the previews. Thanks for looking and hugs,