Hi and welcome to my site!

My name is PL but all my online friends know me as “Mod Girl”. That name came to me because of my love for all things from the 60’s and 70’s era. Some would call that “retro” but I have always considered it to be the “Mod Style”.

I make signature tags for those who collect them. If you don’t know what a signature tag is then here’s a simple description:

” A signature tag is an image you add to the end of an email as a way of signing it. Most people just add their name to the end of an email, but what fun is that? lol. So some of us came up with the idea of creating images that we could use instead. And hence, the term “signature tags” was born.”

The signature tags I make are made up using mostly images that are in the public domain or images that I have purchased that can be used in making signature tags. Yes, we actually have places to purchase images just to use in making our signature tags, lol. What are the chances of that happening huh? lol.

So, if you like using images that are decorative to add to the end of your emails then you will enjoy this site. I have an online group where members can request my signature tags whenever they are offered. The tag offers will come to the members by way of an email since the group is for email lists. Then, they have the option of requesting the tag or not. The choice is entirely up to them which I feel should be, considering THEY are the ones who will be using them all the time anyway, lol.

Anyway, I will be posting some of my most recent tags here so you can see what I am up to. You can also join my tag group where you can collect your own tags with your name on them. You can find the link to my group in the sidebar to the right, or if you’re in a hurry, click HERE and you’ll be transported there asap.

So, thanks for stopping by and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing my tags. thanks and hugs,


tag by Mod Girl