Lost my external!!

Okay, I honestly don’t know what happened but I have lost my external hard drive. We had some sort of power surge yesterday where the power went off for a few seconds and then came back on. And when it did my external would not boot up and still won’t. I have unplugged it and plugged it into my computer several times and even tried plugging it into my laptop to see if I could open it from there but, nope. Nothing.

I am so upset by this and the reasons are because almost all my important files were on that external hard drive. Not to mention ALL of my tags that I have made over the years including all my new ones. ALL my psp tubes that I have purchased over the years, all of it. All gone now. I am going to take my hard drive to a computer shop and see if they can help me get the files out of it. Hopefully there are still some files left on it. I am not getting my hopes up though. I honestly don’t know what to do right now. I have tried everything I can think of to get my external to open and nothing seems to work. I might need to reset my computer again and see if that helps. I don’t know if there is anything that can be done at this point.

Devastated is hardly the word I would use to express how I am feeling right now. It’s a terrible feeling knowing years of hard work just went poof in a matter of seconds. So, I guess you know that the new tag offer I just added here to my site is sort of a waste of time now. I cannot even make that tag for anyone because I can’t open my external to get to any of them. I’m sick of thinking about it. I need to take stop and figure out what I can do at this point. Maybe I saved some tags to a CD somewhere. OMG, I sure hope so. Wish me luck while I do a search. thanks for listening to me rattle on and hugs, Mod Girl.