Moving back to google groups from

Okay, I didn’t want to do this but there seems to be this thing with where group owners are limited to the amount of space to store image previews and files for download. Google groups (so far) don’t have this setup like that and because of this, I have decided to go back to Google. I know, I really cannot stand google either but until someone can come up with a better FREE solution to this problem it looks like we’re all stuck with it.

Now, just because the groups have been moved over to Google doesn’t mean I am deleting my groups from
I figure if anything DOES happen to google groups in the future it would always be a good thing to have some sort of a back up plan in place. Something I have learned with the external hard drive problems I have been having recently, lol.

Anyway, the links to the groups that will be (in use) are added to the menu area in the sidebar. And, all the links to my groups have been removed from my sidebar.
thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.