My Always List

I created a new always list group at google groups. Now, with all the problems we’ve been having with google lately please remember that if google does go down again you also have the option of requesting my tags HERE at this website as well.  I was thinking of creating an always list at also but because I have this website. I don’t really see any need of doing that.

So, anyway. My always list will be available for members to join for awhile only. As soon as I get around 50 members I will be closing the group to any new members who may want to join it. The reason for this is because it takes me awhile to create tags. I don’t use any sort of automated scripts and such to help me with adding names to them. I do it all by hand and that takes time. So, that’s the reason why I will be limiting my members to 50.

Now, for anyone who is interested in collecting my tags (with there name on them) you can do that by visiting the link below. You’ll need to subscribe to the group once you get there:


thanks and hugs,

Pumpkin Festival tag by Mod Girl