PaintShop Pro Tubes

Hi everyone. Well, after the problem with the one website going offline I thought I would check on one of my other websites; “” and since it doesn’t have very many visitors (and I now have my paint shop pro tubes group online again) I removed that website. I still don’t know exactly what happened with my forum but I am wondering if it had something to do with bandwidth and the amount of web space you have with your web server.

And for those who have been wondering; I did create a new group for taggers and anyone who likes collecting them. The taggers of the group can offer tags for request and the members can request tags. There will also be a MOTW each week, tag challenges each week, tag games (when time allows for those) and tag tutorials whenever anyone wants to share them. Besides all that we will share ANYTHING tag related. Blank tags, tag extras, comp sets, forum tag sets, DOTW tag sets, single tags, name tags, tag backs, etc… And participation in that group will be MANDATORY once a week. So, if you don’t do any of the tag challenges, tag tutorials, tag games, etc… then sharing a name tag or blanks tags every now and then will also count towards participation in the group.

All the groups I owned and managed in the past, I let members slide with not sharing but as I get older I am somewhat more under the idea that if you are too lazy to share or just don’t want too, then I really don’t want you in any of my groups. I know that may sound harsh for some but imagine being a group owner for years and having to BEG members to share every single day of the week. It get’s tiresome after awhile. And if members really want to share, they will. And those members who don’t, never will and will always come up with some excuse to why they cannot.

So, I am working on the group right now. I also created a backup group at just in case the google group I created goes down. For those who don’t know, google has been having some issues lately with there apps and programs that people use on a daily basis. One of the reasons I like using google groups is because you are not limited by the amount of attachments like is. For anyone who is interested in joining my Taggers World group at google groups, you can find it here:

thanks and hugs,
Mod Girl.