More Tag Showoffs!

Okay, so I’ve been making more tags and thought I would share some previews of them below. Before I get to the previews though I wanted to tell you about my PTU tube purchases. One of the tube shops I like to shop at decided to close and they had a sale. So, of course I just had to buy some tubes that I can use for making tags, lol. In total I purchased around 46 new tubes. And because I’ve been making so many new tags, I also rejoined a quick tag group again where I was offering my tags before. And I also got an invite to another tag group the same day, lol. So, it looks like I’m going to be a tagging fool for a littleĀ  while, lol. Anyway, here’s those previews I was telling you about. Oh, and with the Weiner Party dogs tag (below) I used the same words that are on a t-shirt that I have. I figured it would make a cute tag. What do you think? Let me know! Hugs!!

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