Oh the woes of hard drives

Don’t you just love it when you get the latest update from Windows 10 and then all of a sudden nothing seems to work like it’s supposed to? Yup. I am blaming all my external hard drive woes on Window’s latest update. Because it was working just fine before I got updated. We did have what I thought was a power surge here a few weeks ago but come to find out that it was our hot water tank that needed the breaker re-flipped, lol. That’s what hubs told me anyway so I’m sticking to that story, lol.

So, the good news is; I was able to get all the important stuff I needed off my external before I decided to reformat it. More good news is that the reformat also did a scan and found nothing wrong with the hard drive. So, last night and all of today I have been busy moving back some of my files onto my external. So, I stopped long enough to run to town to do some grocery shopping. And when I got back can you guess what I found? The external drive now isn’t showing up in my list of hard drives. The light is off and not blinking or anything either. It’s like it got tuckered out and decided to fall asleep. Can you believe that?

Well, lucky me. At least I do now know what to do to get it back showing up in my list of hard drives again. Here’s the gist of it just in case you were wondering, lol.

#1. I go into my control panel and click on; “Administrative Tools”.

#2. Next, I double click on the icon which reads; “Computer Management”.

#3. On the left hand side of that page I click on; “Device Manager”.

#4. On the right hand side I find the link that reads; “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and click on it.

#5. Then I right click on the item that reads; “USB Mass Storage Device” and choose to uninstall it.

The next thing I do is close out all those windows and shut down my computer. After my computer has shut down completely, I unplug my external hard drive from the USB port.

Next thing is to restart my computer. And, after my computer has been on for a little while (I usually check my email because that takes me a few minutes) I will then plug the external hard drive back into the USB port.

That’s right. I have to do this crazy setup EVERY stinking time. Fun huh? And before you even ask, yup, I have tried every setting known to man with this external hard drive. And NOTHING works except this stupid process I just explained to you.

And you know the funny thing about all of this is that all my tags WERE on that external hard drive. But I finally got all those files now sitting in My Documents folder on my computer. But you know silly me, I didn’t think about saving all the fonts I used to make all those tags first, lol.  Years ago (when I started making tags) I kept a tag journal and used it to keep records of all the tags I created and type of tools I used to make them with. It was pretty informative and quite helpful for making tags. But then I had the great idea of just dropping any fonts and gradients I used to write the name on each tag in the same folder as the blank tag I made. It was a pretty good idea for awhile but one day I got cocky and decided I mainly used the same fonts over and over again so there was no need to save all those fonts to the tag folder any longer. So new tags I made don’t have any fonts added to each folder I made.

Well, can you imagine how stupid I must have felt the first time I went to make a tag for someone and could not for the life of me remember what font I used in making that tag? Well, I’ll tell you, pretty darned stupid! So, from now on the fonts go back into the tag folder with the tags. I won’t make that mistake again. lol.

So, anyway back to the external hard drive. It finally came back on and I was able to move the fonts off of the external and onto my desktop computer so now I can actually make some tags again. Woohoo!!

Well, that’s the good news. The bad news is that all the png tubes I had created from psp tubes were all removed during the reformat of the external. I also figured that since I have so many tubes already on cd’s laying around that I could just restart that process of formatting them into png image files all over again. So, that’s going to take some time right there. My online group; “PaintShop Pro Love” will have to sit around for a little while with no activity until I can get some stuff ready to send. Sorry guys.

thanks for stopping by and hugs,