About my scrapbook graphics

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. Well, when one of my external hard drives starting giving me some trouble and I thought that I had lost all my scrapbook graphics, I decided to go through a bunch of my old CD’s to see if I saved any of them to disk. Well, I did save some of them to disk but all those I saved were older copies and not the new fresh ones that were revamped.

So, if I can’t find some of the newer revamped versions of them I will just have to try redoing them all over again, lol. I think I still remember all the stuff I added to some of them and I did save the previews to those that were revamped so that will come in handy if that happens.

On a side note, I decided to reopen my old Scrap-Kits.com website. But instead of having an actual online shop this time I am offering a sort of “Buy My Entire Shop” kind of thing instead. I added a “Buy Now” button to my site also so there won’t be any subscription fees at anytime. You pay the amount listed and you get to download as much as you want and at anytime, 24/7 forever. Just so long as you remember to accept and follow my Terms of Use, lol. I know it seems a bit much to have to say that, but you’d be surprised by how many people never read any rules (or directions) for anything these days. And yes, I myself am just as guilty as well, lol.

You know those food packages where they give you directions on the back of the box? Sometimes I don’t even bother looking at them (mostly cake mixes) because they are pretty much all the same anyway so I figure why bother, lol.

So anyway, here’s the link to my site if anyone is interested. There is also an image gallery so you can see what all is inside the downloads area that come in the “Buy Now” package.


BTW, I forgot to add; in the tagger sized scrap kits previews gallery there are not that many previews listed. For the tagger size scrap kits downloads area there are around 151 tagger sized products to download. Some are older kits that I lost previews to and others are some I even forgot all about until I found them on one of my CD’s, lol. So, yeah, there’s a LOT MORE than what are shown in the previews.

Thanks again for stopping by and hugs,

Fall Beauty tag by Mod Girl