New Tag Group!

So, since I have been making so many tags lately and because I have folders and folders and folders and folders (lol) full of tags that I have made over the years. I decided I need to do something with all these tags so tag lovers could request them and also so I can remove them off my computer because it’s getting quite full lately.

Anyway, I did just that. I created a quick tag group where I (and other taggers) could share quick tag offers with members. Now, quick tag offers are different than regular offers because they are only available for a very short time. And taggers who send the tag offers can decide how long they can offer the tag before the tag is no longer available to be requested. For example; 1 tag offer could be limited to the first 10 replies. Or, 1 tag offer could expire 4 hours from when it was offered.

However, there is 1 special rule that ALL taggers (and members) should always remember; Each tag offer is limited to only 1 tag per member. So, when ANY tag is offered you can ONLY request 1 name on the tag. That’s ALL!! You cannot request more than 1 name and the reason for this should be pretty simple to understand. Because this is a QUICK tag group and the taggers need to get the tags out as fast as possible.

At the moment the Quick Tags group is open to the public so that ANYONE can join. But that will change in the future. If you are interested in joining this group as someone who loves collecting tags or even if you love making tags and want to offer them in the group, then click on the link below:

And, if you ARE a tagger and would like to tag for the group please let me know that AFTER you have joined. I will send you the taggers rules that you will need to remember when sending quick tag offers through the group.

Thanks for stopping by and hugs,

tag by Mod Girl