More Tag Showoffs!

Okay, so I’ve been making more tags and thought I would share some previews of them below. Before I get to the previews though I wanted to tell you about my PTU tube purchases. One of the tube shops I like to shop at decided to close and they had a sale. So, of course I just had to buy some tubes that I can use for making tags, lol. In total I purchased around 46 new tubes. And because I’ve been making so many new tags, I also rejoined a quick tag group again where I was offering my tags before. And I also got an invite to another tag group the same day, lol. So, it looks like I’m going to be a tagging fool for a littleĀ  while, lol. Anyway, here’s those previews I was telling you about. Oh, and with the Weiner Party dogs tag (below) I used the same words that are on a t-shirt that I have. I figured it would make a cute tag. What do you think? Let me know! Hugs!!

New Tags! New Tags!

Omg, I have been in a creating mood lately! The past week or so I have been just turning out tag after tag and even making some sets of tag extras too. And I decided that I will be offering all my new tags in the forum from now on along with adding my newest sets of tag extras as well.

Now, my tag extras group has reopened and I’ve been sharing a lot of my older sets of tags extras and I really need to add a lot more because I need to sort through all my tag folders and do some cleaning out of some really old tags. So, as soon as I share the old tags I will be zipping them up and adding them to my external hard drive and getting them off my computer because they are using up A LOT of space and I really need that space with all the new tags I’ve been making lately.

Anyway I wanted to show you some of the new tags I’ve made recently. And ALL of these tags below will be offered to my forum members very soon. And, I have already added some new sets of tag extras that I made too. Whoop, whoop. lol.

Thanks for stopping by and hugs, Mod Girl