So, I have a forum for taggers. I created the forum so all taggers could come together with others who love tags and like to either create them or collect them. Now I had the idea of moving my Always List from google groups to my tag forum. And when I let my group members know of this, it didn’t go over too well. Some members were upset and lashed out about it and others said they didn’t know anything about forums or just plain didn’t like them.

Now that got me thinking. Is it fear that has people not wanting to try something that may be different than they are used to? Maybe. But I look at it this way, why would you NOT want to try something different? There are always 2 results from trying. Either you’ll like it or you won’t. But you’ll never know UNLESS you actually try. RIGHT?

Anyway, I caved in and gave the members what they wanted and decided not to move my always list to the forum. But not only that, I decided to get rid of my Always list altogether. From now on, members won’t be getting tags automatically sent through the group as before. The name list I was using to make tags has been tossed out and now members will have to request tags each time I send the tag offer through the group.

Also, I decided to keep my forum open and not close it like I did last time, all because some members didn’t like it. I figure, if they don’t like it that’s fine. If they don’t want to learn something new or do something different that they are used to, then that’s not my problem. I can’t make them, and I don’t want to make anyone do something that they don’t want to do. But there is always something you give up when you don’t ever try. You give up learning something new. You give up the joy you might find in doing something you thought you’d never like but were afraid to try.

Anyway, I’m just pondering the situation. Thanks for stopping by and hugs,

A few updates

So, my websites went down for awhile and they had to be added back because of some problems with my web host. Everything has been fixed and there should be no more problems in the future (hopefully). Another update I wanted to tell you about is my forum. Taggers World forum has been reopened and if you were a member before you will need to reregister again. Like I said, ALL my sites had to be added back to my web hosting account. And lucky for me, I do have the files also on my computer so uploading all of them was no problem. HOWEVER, I had to reinstall wordpress here at this site and I had to do a new install for my forum.

Okay if you’re still here and still reading this I want to say THANK YOU for that, lol. The final updates I want to tell you about are my online groups. There have been some big changes lately in my online groups so hopefully you’ll be able to follow along while I try to explain it all to you, lol.

My groups at groups.io are being moved over to my google groups with the same names. The reason for this is because groups.io are going hard on closing down some groups that share tags and graphic stuff. A lot of psp (Paint Shop Pro) groups have been removed recently and some members from those groups are deciding to make a move also to google groups for that very reason.

And 2 of the groups I had at groups.io have been given over to Jeanine (a member of one of my groups) because she likes to share a lot and I thought she would be a better choice to take them over for that main reason. What some people don’t understand is that sharing in groups is what makes a group better for ALL the members of the group. Not only does it help take the burden off those who DO share all the time, but you get a better selection of stuff from other members when more people are sharing. All the links to my online groups have also been added to the sidebar on the right side of this page.

So, that pretty much does it for the updates that I wanted to tell you about.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hugs,

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