This terms of use is for using my signature tags and my scrap kits.

Terms for using my signature tags:

My sets of tag extras are NOT to be shared in your online groups, in forums, uploaded to websites or files sharing sites in order to share them with others. Using a single tag from one of my sets of tag extras in your emails or in your forums is completely different than sharing the entire sets. ANY tags I create cannot be edited in anyway. That includes; adding things to the tag, removing parts from the tag, changing the color of the tag or resizing the tag. Doing any of these things to my tags will deform them and it will be hard to read any artist credit that was added to them.

ANY tags that are personalized (with your name added to them) cannot be edited in anyway, shape or form. That includes; removing parts of the image, adding things to the image or removing any text from it.

Terms for using my scrap kits:

My scrap kits are for YOUR personal use ONLY. They are not to be shared with others. You may use my scrap kits in 3 different ways; To create tags for yourself or for others. to create email stationery or to create desktop wallpapers.

When using my scrap kits in your tag making, a credit is not required on your tags but always appreciated. If you want to add credit, then please use the following on each of your tags:

Scrap Kit by Mod Girl

When using my scrap kits to create email stationery; please add credit to the bottom of your email with a link back to my site located here:
When using my scrap kits to create desktop wallpapers you can add credit to the image itself with the same credit used for making signature tags (Scrap Kit by Mod Girl).