No More Forum!

Okay, so apparently when you create a forum for your site you are blasted by all these spammers joining your forum. In the past week or two there have been over 20 new members join and ALL of them were spammers!

I just don’t understand why spammers do that. Because no one likes to read spam messages from spammers. At least I don’t. Anyway, instead of going through all the trouble of deleting each member every day I decided to just close the forum. It saves me from having to spend so much time deleting spam members each day. And you know me, I’d rather be making tags, lol.

Now, because I deleted the forum I might need to recreate my old website and upload all my sets of tag extras to it again. I did that before but it was using so many system resources for my web hosting account I deleted it. But now that I have less websites to deal with I might have to rethink that.

Of course this time around I will have to make the site a membership site. Mainly because I like to know who is using my tag extras and although I don’t mind people sharing my sets of tag extras in there own groups, I don’t like it when they separate the tags and share them that way. Seems like a waste of time and also a lot of work but I have known some people who will do that.

Anyway, I’m just rambling at this point so I will go for now. Thanks for stopping by and hugs,

Paradise tag by Mod Girl

Name Tags Group

For those who don’t know, I have an online group called “Tags” where taggers use a name tag list to create tags for members. I try to make up tags ahead of time and then send them out every other day or so. Besides myself, there are other taggers in the group too so members will receive an assortment of tags whenever they make them.

Now, I told you about this because I like to go through my tube folder to find images I can use to make tags with. And recently I found this image that I thought was so cute and reminded me of a tv show that was on awhile back called; Mad TV.

There was a woman in that show called Miss Swan and she was so funny and I just loved her. It was one of the high points of watching that show each week just to see her. Anyway, below is the tag I made and I am working on tags for my members at the moment but wanted to stop so I could come here and leave this post.

And while I’m sitting here making these tags for the members it came to me that some people might be offended by this tag,  which was NOT my intention. And that got me thinking about how people don’t seem to be able to relax and laugh about stuff like they used to. I’m not sure when that happened. Recently I’ve been going through youtube videos and sometime I’ll see a stand up comic doing his thing and there is always some one in the audience who gets offended by what the comic said.

I thought the whole point of going to a comedy club was to laugh and have a good time. Have people forgotten how to do that? It just seems like some people have lost the gift of being able to laugh at others and sometimes even at themselves. So, the tag below is what I made because it reminds me of a character I love. I just hope my members will feel the same way as I do! Thanks for stopping by and hugs,

Attitude tag by Mod Girl

I Get Asked This A Lot

I get asked this a lot; “How do you make tags so fast?” Well, there is no secret behind my making of tags. Usually when I’m offering a tag (either in my own group or someone else’s) I open my psp graphic program and open the tag template of the tag I just offered. That way, I can just add names to all the tags and send them back (very quickly) to the member who requested them.

Now, there are many times where I won’t make the tags as fast as that for a number of reasons. One because I’m busy making new tags or Two, because there is always a time limit on the tag and most of time it’s anywhere from a few days to a week.  That’s when I wait until I have more tag requests come in and then I’ll make them all at once to save time.

But, on quick tag offers, I ALWAYS have the tag open in psp so I can add names to them very quickly. I think members appreciate it more when they can get they’re tag back as soon as possible. Plus, I think it takes the anxiety away from members who might wonder if there tag request ever went through or not. And the way that online groups are sometimes ,you’re not always sure of that.

In my recently created tag forum I have 2 tag offers that I added today. Those will expire 1 week from today so there is no hurry to get those tags completed at the moment. And that way if there is anything else that is occupying my time, I can do that stuff without having to rush to make all those tags right away.

Re-Opened my Scrapbook Shop!

So, I went and re-opened my scrapbook shop, lol. I figure now that I’m also making my own graphics that I would some of them to my tagger kits also. Also, I won’t be making or selling any of my digital size kits or commercial use products like I did in the past. From now on, I will focus on making tagger sized scrap kits only. Now, I have added a couple new tagger kits to my shop. One is a vintage themed kit and the other is a Valentine themed kit. I’m going to create some new tags using those 2 kits and offer them in my online tag group HERE in the near future.

Besides the reopening of my scrapbook shop, I have also been busy lately creating more graphics. You can find those in my graphic shop located HERE and below are a few tags I made using my graphics:

tag by Mod Girl

tag by Mod Girl

tag by Mod Girl

tag by Mod Girl

tag by Mod Girl

tag by Mod Girl

tag by Mod Girl

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The good, the bad and the ugly of Creative Fabrica website. So, lets begin with the good. The good thing is that they do offer free downloads from some of the creators. The other good thing is that you can purchase a subscription to download as much as you like at anytime.

The bad thing is that the downloads are sometimes very slow and sometimes they stop working completely half way through downloading. The other bad thing is that they seem to show the same graphics over and over again when going through all the graphics on the site.

Now comes the ugly part, lol. I’m sure you remember me telling you about how they would no longer let me download my own graphics privately unless I purchased more credits? Well, apparently they have changed that again. Now in order to download ANY of your graphics that you make using the spark tool, you HAVE to purchase a subscription for it. The cost for downloading your own graphics? $9.00 a month.

Okay, so the funny thing is that at the moment I have over 40 credits left with my account BUT I can no longer download any of my graphics privately. So, it appears that they even changed THAT as well.

And I can’t help but think that CreativeFabrica is now holding my graphics as hostage until I cough up an additional amount of money to use the tool they created. Well, that kinda sucks now don’t it?

So, in all. I would have to say that I WOULD NOT suggest ANYONE to purchase ANYTHING from CreativeFabrica for fear that they might ONCE AGAIN come up with some reason to make you pay for this thing or that thing. And SHAME on them for holding customers graphics hostage until they make you spend more money in order to download them!

How’s It Going?

Well, I’ve been using the CFSpark online AI tool to create my own graphics and I also purchased a couple of monthly credits so I wouldn’t have to wait in line (so to speak, lol) in order to wait  to create my art. In other words; no long lines and I can get my graphics created asap.

Okay, so that’s the good news about using the tool. Now before I even purchased the credits I was able to download my graphics privately. That means that you can download your own graphics and not publish them to the site so others can also download them also. FYI – they are solely yours to do with as you please.

Well, soon after my credit subscription was finished (and I didn’t update it) the privilege of downloading my own graphics privately was no longer available to me UNLESS I purchased more credits with a monthly subscription. Now what’s upsetting about this is that I already have a yearly subscription for the site. So, you would think that whatever I made using that tool I’d be able to download them without having to publish them also.

Anyway, about a week ago I canceled one of my yearly subscriptions to the site. I had purchased 2 years but they would only reimburse my 2nd year subscription because I was already using the first one. I said, fine. I got no problem with that. The reason I wanted to end my 2nd subscription was because I could no longer download my own graphics that I created privately. I thought that was pretty crappy that all of sudden I couldn’t do that after my subscription for the credits had ended. It’s just seemed like they wanted more money from me and that was upsetting.

Of course they probably didn’t see it that way because they are always updating the site with new stuff and such and more rules in order to use all those gadgets. But, whatever, lol.

Group problems!

Hmm. Well, I heard it through the grapevine that have been deleting groups. I know I had tried to create a group a few weeks ago and it wouldn’t let me and after leaving a message at the help forum I found out that my email that I used to create the group was not allowing me to create any groups at all. I didn’t know this at the time so I went ahead and tried several times to create a new group and it was always the same. Always denied. And all because the word “tags” was in my email address.

Now, that got me thinking that it seems a little extreme to deny someone to create a group all because of the email address that they are using but that’s exactly what happened. So, if they are denying anyone with words like that then why wouldn’t they delete a group because the group had the word “tags” in the group name too? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

And if you read terms of use it says they don’t allow groups that share graphics, email stationery or tags. So, if they don’t allow those type of groups and you created one at one time wouldn’t it make sense that they are deleting those groups too? I don’t know but it sure makes a lot of sense when you think about it like that.

So, I have decided to use my google groups as backups for my groups. If you’re a member of any of my groups please consider joining my google groups also. That way if does delete my groups in the future then your membership will be there in the google groups also.

And, here are the links to my google groups is anyone is interested:

Thanks and hugs, Mod Girl

My Group Has Moved!

My PaintShop Pro World group has moved to
I found out that a lot of members were having trouble trying to join my google groups so I decided to move my psp group. If you’d like to join or visit the group here’s the link:

Also, my tag group has changed as well. It is no longer called; “Taggers World”. The name has been changed to; “Mod Girl’s Spice Of Life”. And my tag group is still located at google because I tried to create a new group at for my tag group but it wouldn’t let me. Seems like they are not letting new groups get created like they used to. Hmm. Very weird but at least I can still use google groups (for now anyway).

Thanks for stopping by and hugs,

Bee Happy tag by Mod Girl

Gallery Updated!

Okay you guys, lol. I uploaded all the tags I have recently made from sending tag offers through 2 different groups. I have also deleted all these tags from my computer after uploading them all to the gallery. So, don’t ask me to re-upload any of the tags that have already been uploaded because I just don’t have them anymore and they are gone with the wind, lol.

The link to the gallery is above in case you missed it but you can also  CLICK HERE to visit the gallery if you’re too lazy to look, lol.

Take care and hugs, Mod Girl.

An Update

On Jan 12th of this month Hubs and I went down with Covid. I kept thinking I was doing better but in actuality I was not. I had to be admitted into the hospital because my breathing was beginning to worsen. I went into Urgent Care and they checked my breathing and the doctor said he didn’t like the sound of my right lung and was afraid it would collapse if we didn’t do something about it.

I was sent over to the hospital for xrays and after the doctors saw the xrays they admitted me right away. I was in the hospital for 4 days getting the help I needed to get over this nasty and life threatening illness. Even now that I am home and feeling better my breathing is still hard. I have been coughing up all this crap and that seems to help with the breathing. But I honestly don’t how much longer it will take before I am back to my old self.

Since I have been home I have been working on my new website called: Mod Girl Graphics. Before I fell ill I was making all sorts of graphics and wanted to add them to my site for anyone who would be interested in purchasing them. The graphics I have made the most are fairies but there are all sorts of graphics that I have also made too. You can check out my new site here:

thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.