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When my yearly subscription to Creative Fabrica was ending I decided to update it again for another year. The reason for this was so I could continue using the AI generators to create graphics. One of the generators in particular has always been my favorite; “Spark”. And wouldn’t you know it? It just happens to be the one that they are modifying. They are going to be adding it to the new Flow AI generator online tool.

Now I have tried out the beta of the Flow generator and I have to say; I’m not the least bit impressed by it. There are several reasons for that but the main reason is; WHY keep messing with things when they are working as intended? I can understand updating things to make them better and easier to use, but the Flow AI generator does neither.

First of all the images it generates are small in comparison to the original Spark generator. The generated images using spark are a whopping 4000 pixels (and sometimes larger) compared to Flow which generates images that are only 512 pixels on either side. So, I wouldn’t exactly call that an improvement, lol. And yes, I realize that this is the BETA but seriously, 512 pixels? What were they thinking?

Anyway. Since they have created this new AI generator called Flow the old Spark AI generator now seems to be broken. Convenient huh? Well, at least it will work to a degree. It’s supposed to generate 4 images at a time but now, it only generates the last 2 images every time. Seems odd considering it gives the error saying that the image couldn’t be created due to a generator error. Which got me thinking. If it IS a generator error like it says, then why does it create the last 2 images ONLY? I mean if it really was broken why would it create anything at all for that matter. It just seems weird to me.

In any case, I created a screen shot so you can see what I’m talking about. And as you can see, it gives an error each time you use it. And ONLY for the first 2 images it creates:

Love Scrapbook Paper?

I absolutely love scrapbook paper! And since I’ve been creating AI graphics, there are so many of these scrapbook papers that I’m making and some have turned out much better than I ever expected they would. And one of the reasons why I decided to create scrapbook style backgrounds in AI is because I also create junk journals. And creating paper that I can print out and use when creating my junk journals is a good idea IMHO.

Now, the one thing I’ve noticed when creating some of these scrapbook papers is that some of the stuff on the paper isn’t something I’d want to use in my junk journals. For example, some of the papers show flowers that are pretty enough but some become distorted while other parts of the scrapbook paper look fine. So, I came up with an idea to be able to use these scrapbook papers and now I don’t have to worry about all those parts that I don’t like.

Here’s what I do; I open the scrapbook paper in photoshop (or paintshop pro) and crop out the parts of the paper I don’t like. Then I will convert the image to a transparent png and open a layer mask and use that on the image. Now at this point I can save the image and use it later or I can open another scrapbook paper and paste this image over the parts of the other scrapbook paper that I don’t like.

And the good thing about fixing some of these papers is that when I am creating them in AI I don’t only make 1 scrapbook paper, I create many and most are using the same type of colors and flowers also so the mask that I create using some of them will blend in smoothly with the others ones. Nice huh?

Creating In AI

I have noticed when I create something in AI the images don’t always come out as expected. Even using all sorts of prompts that are expressive enough to tell the generator what to make, it sometimes gives back either an error or you are left with something you never thought you would get.

Lately I’ve been trying to find other things to create and thought frames would be a nice change from making cute little animals and fairies. However, after making quite a few of these frames I noticed something. The image it’s supposed to make is a transparent frame but the inside of the frame isn’t transparent. Now this can be a problem especially if you plan on adding something inside that frame later.

To remedy this problem you can do one of two things; either leave the frame as it is and add the image over the top of the frame OR you can try removing the inside portion of the frame itself and then you can use it as it was intended. I know in some graphic editors there is a magic erasure you can use to remove parts of an image you don’t like. Since I use Paint Shop Pro when editing images I always use the background remover tool that comes with it to erase that part of the image. But even these type of tools have there limitations.

I have found that using the background remover tool in Paint Shop Pro will sometimes remove part of the image itself and that can be a problem if the image is what you want to keep and NOT the background area. So what I do is click inside the area I want to remove and then hit the delete button until much of the background has been removed without removing parts of the image too.

These days however, if I don’t feel like going through all the trouble of removing all the background I just flop a transparent image over the top and call it done, lol. In any case, all of us who work with graphics on a daily basis knows how troublesome it can be to try and edit a graphic when they would rather be doing something else, lol. Yup, I think we ALL have been there at one time or another.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on enough for today, lol. Thanks for stopping by and hugs,

An Update

I recently updated my online gallery that I was using to save members name tags. I’m no longer using my online gallery for that. Also, I have updated my website. I am using it as an information site for members of my online group of the same name. However, I might decide later to add some of my sets of tag extras to the site. Not sure what’s going to happen but I will update you here and let you know.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hugs,

Shop Reopen

I reopened my scrapbook shop. I had a few people ask me about it so I thought I would give it another go, lol. Plus, since I am busy creating with AI I thought I might use some of those images to create new scrap kits as well.

I have a paid subscription with a graphics site that also offers an AI generator that you can use to create all sorts of images. From transparent png images, coloring pages and seamless background images there are many image types that I’ve been creating lately that would go great with scrap kits for my online shop. So, that’s what I thought I would do.

At the moment I’m having fun making seamless backgrounds and some are pretty cool looking and would go great inside a scrap kit. And while I’m thinking about it, even the transparent images would make some nice elements that I could add to the scrap kits too.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know what I’ve been up to. Making graphics seems to be the thing I’m doing these days, lol. And hey if you have any suggestions for graphics that I could make please let me know. Creating so many graphics does seem to have it’s downside, because after awhile you do run out of ideas for what to make next, lol.

Thanks for stopping by and hugs,


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